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Alignment is minimal and so is connection. Parties have disparate goals and agendas.


Purpose is shared, connection is high, and the outcomes are mutual.

Because of our unique philosophy and approach, Market Makers is not for every business. We believe this is true for all organizations, and that belief informs our work in helping our best clients identify their best clients and opportunities.
For Market Makers, there are 3 unique clientele that, because of their structure, culture, goals, and size, are organizations that enjoy the highest results from our work together:

"Sales: Not My Choice,
But It's Part of My Job."

Businesses that employ people to deliver their products/services, but also task these team members with developing business. Examples: Consultants, Attorneys, Marketers, and other professional services firms, as well as those in Contracting and high-end home improvement.

Why these businesses?

  • Their team did not choose to be in Sales, so it's neither natural for them, nor authentic to who they are. That impedes results.
  • Because there is not a “sales team,” there’s very often no sales manager, sales system, or sales coaching—all things that serve success.
What Symptoms are Present?
  • Resistance, hesitancy, little or slow progress
  • Low closing ratios
  • Low lead development activity
  • Fear
  • Sense of inauthenticity to being “in sales”

"We're Culture-Driven,
And Need Our Sales Efforts to Match."

Your Culture matters. The Customer Experience you want to create matters. You want your Sales Process and Team to bring these two together. Usually small to mid-sized privately-held organizations, often family-owned and operated. These clients seek to integrate and align the Sales team with the culture to honor and reflect the brand of the organization.

Why these businesses?

  • Culture matters greatly across the entire organization
  • Sales team employees fit the culture, but traditional sales techniques do not
  • Poised for methods that create success AND align to company identity
  • Often a team of less experienced business developers seeking methods that serve
What Symptoms are Present?
  • Disconnection between Sales and rest of the organization
  • Lower success rates among Sales team that “fit” the company
  • A disparity between the company brand and Sales brand 

"We Need Sales Leadership,
Just Not Full-Time."

Sales Teams perform best under dedicated Sales Leaders. A small business with 2-4 business developers has no need to hire a full-time Sales Manager. Buy the level of leadership your company needs—maximum results, maximum value.

Why these businesses?

  • Individuals or Team don’t have the sponsorship they need or deserve
  • Sales Management takes time
  • Sales Management is a skill…and takes experience
  • Great leaders inspire great results and team dedication to purpose
What Symptoms are Present?
  • Reps unable to have timely access to “sales manager”
  • Little training or coaching
  • Lack of leadership rhythm
  • Inadequate or absent key sales management elements; metrics, strategy, message 

For companies in each of these circumstances, Market Makers is able to bring about the strongest results because of our approach…one that deviates from the traditional sales and sales management perspectives. If you see yourself in one or more of these, we’d love to talk and see if we may be able to help you enjoy higher results from your business development.

Let's Get Started.

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