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If you want great sales performance, you have to be with the right people.

It all starts with the Client and knowing who they are. We segment the market for every client and ourselves into A, B, C, and D clients. A’s and B’s are the communities you should spend time and money inviting in, and D’s are the “never under any circumstances”...no matter how much money they have to offer! That’s very difficult and yet critical to your success!

Market Makers has A and B clients as well—those we're particularly poised to accomplish the most with. We invite you to answer the following questions to learn more about your company's strengths and opportunities as they pertain to your business development efforts and success. This survey will also help us both learn more about our potential fit together.

Fill out the self-assessment below to get started! There are 19 questions that take about 10 minutes to answer. Following your submission, we'll send you your scores and summaries on each section, including what each means to your business development successes.

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