Table Setting

Method: Strategic Plan, “The Story,” “Best Client”

Purpose: to ensure fundamental structures that contribute to the ROI of all Sales efforts are present and strong
A. Strategic Plan: Roadmap for Growth and Sustainability 
A step by step path for growth and objective achievement, includes:
  • Aligned actionability in a detailed 5-year plan; short, mid, and long-term timelines
  • Meaningful goals and measurable metrics with priorities and accountabilities
  • Operational strategy and direction
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Core Values
  • Trends
RESULT: A living document for continual evolution and adjustment, and a benchmark for all decisions and continuity throughout your business.
B. Your Company Story: Rapid Impact Value Conveyed
An inspiring, resonating business development and marketing narrative in Story form that creates clarity of value and distinction for your prospects and partners. To be utilized in:
  • All Business Development conversations
  • Client interactions
  • Networking events
  • Marketing materials
  • Website Content Recruitment ads and interview processes
  • Strategic Partnership creation and fostering
RESULT: An emotional connection to key stakeholders (“right people”) that conveys your highest level of value and distinction from competitor...inspiring more shared journey to customer
C. “A, B, C” Client Definition: “Right People”
Granular clarity on the highest probability buyers for your unique company so you spend the valuable resources of Time and Money thoughtfully and profitably. Includes:
  • Outline of “best fitted clients” for your company
  • Outline of “worst clients with money” and how to know
  • Clarity on circumstances for who fits when and why
  • Key vetting questions for rapid clarity
  • Ability to arm best referral partners for highest return referrals
RESULT: less waste, higher customer satisfaction, higher closing ratios, continuity of community with your business and your clients, more repeat and referral business

Sales System Development and Documentation

Purpose: Action steps that work as a system to journey potential clients through their discovery process and decision making in such a way that is profoundly rewarding for them, and in total alignment with with your team’s values and culture
Method: Step by step Business Development process that is simple for all involve to follow, creates clarity for buyers, and is replicable from client to client, team member to team member. Includes:
  • Prospecting/Client sourcing
  • Specific Business Development phases with dedicated action steps
  • Key Discovery questions
  • Proposal creation and presentation
  • Pricing and objection handling
  • Follow up procedures
RESULT: a journey with potential clients that creates the highest level of endorsement and credibility between the parties resulting in higher closing ratios, less waste, shorter sales cycle, higher margins, higher revenues, replicability for future hires.

Sales Coaching

Purpose: empower your Sales team to be their highest producing and most authentic by occurring as your best buyer
Method: Individual, Team, or Leadership coaching to include:
  • Mindset
  • “Relevant Issues Conversation”
  • Prospecting
  • Potential Client Development
  • Power of Listening Right
  • Proposal Writing and Creation
  • Pricing
  • Time Management Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Sales Management
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Projections
  • When and How to Walk
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