Our Beliefs

What We Believe

(...And why we think you should care)

Beliefs shape points of view. Points of view shape action.  
That's authenticity.
Market Makers’ beliefs come from extensive experience with business and people. Some are self-evident. Many, however, run contrary to the convention of "Traditional Sales". We hold these beliefs close, and together they inform our authentic and unique approach to working with clients.   

Small Business is not the same as “little corporation”.

Small business resources, options, challenges, and opportunities are more sensitive.

Sales is a noble profession.

For people who want something of value and for companies to be stable. This confidence and clarity make a difference in culture and attitude, and in turn allows employees and communities to thrive. 

Buying has changed... Sales approaches have not.

This applies across generations. This huge disconnect separates your company from today’s buyers, and specifically, by your revenues. 

People buy gratification & benefit, not things. 

Competition is tight! And most competitors have or do the same thing. Your Sales conversations about product knowledge need to inspire, not simply inform.

Buyer experience drives revenues... or not.

Period. Your company’s Sales system, approach, methods, people, and leadership need to provide an unmatched customer experience—from the start. Every time.

People don’t want to be sold.

There is no such thing as “selling”, because there is only buying. The action step is owned by buyers who have the choice and make that decision. Sales processes opening the path to buying perform far better than those trying to improve by “selling.” 

The power of bold and distinct.

Nothing great has ever come out of the status quo. Being distinct in your space is meaningful. Being bold makes you distinct. Bold, meaningful distinction is the key to standing out for all your buyers’ other options—your competitors. 

A few other things we hold dear…informing our approach to our work...

  • Mindset sets the course for everything else to come
  • Operate from Abundance, never Scarcity. There are more customers in your space than you can ever serve.
  • The best Business Development outcomes stem from collaboration
  • Salespeople should be trusted...and empowered
  • Measure what’s meaningful, and nothing more
  • Companies deserve higher prices for their offerings...if buyer experience warrants

How We Do Things!

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