Making Markets

Market Makers is an atypical sales development and coaching practice created by industry experts. We have an unconventional approach stemming directly from our real-world experiences and deeply held beliefs about what should really come from a company’s sales efforts. 

Deep Believers in:

  • Inspired buyers
  • Unmatchable buyer experience
  • Reliable and consistent revenues
  • Client centric (focused?)
  • Sales processes that align with Team Culture
  • Measures you can actually learn from...leading to meaningful action
  • Being bold and being distinct
If you find yourself aligned with one or more of these beliefs as a person and as a professional, then you’ve come to the right place.

A Sales Development Practice with a totally different attitude and approach

We started Market Makers because we saw that small and mid-sized businesses have a unique and typically underserved need—making reliable revenues in a way that is true to their characteristics as an individual and as a business.  
But what does that mean? For us, it means a few things.
1 - Buyers are inspired to become your customers through unmatched customer experience from the start.
2 - Your sales system, people, and process are authentic to the value, culture, and identity of your business, not kept separate or held to different standards.
3 - You possess a clear and meaningful narrative that expresses your company’s unique value and places you apart from your competitors in a way that emotionally connects your best customer to your business.
4 - You might be in search of a sales plan and measures that fit your company resources and your goals.
Our purpose is to transform the potential in sales for your business!

Our Approach

Conventional sales approaches no longer serve the modern buying experience, because everything about buying has changed. But selling approaches have hardly changed at all. We’re offering that change. An approach of mutuality, collaboration, and in a way that removes power, fear, and distrust. The result is a more fulfilling and beneficial experience for both buyers and your company. We call our system “Mindset, Methods, & Measures with Meaning.” It marries fundamental truths about people and their buying habits and perspectives with proven actions steps for your team to enact collaboratively with customers.


Your business development message, and the experience with your sales team, creates your client’s earliest impression of your company. That impression should standout amongst the crowd. Because that experience determines whether they go from potential customer to an actual customer—or not. Customers choose to buy, and we help companies like you make that choice easy for them. By developing your company’s story in a way that crafts your customer’s journey 


Like every business, we’re not for everyone. We take our work seriously, and through our process we’ve learned how to better serve our clients and in turn how our clients can better serve their clients! But what distinguishes our best clients from the rest? Our best clients see their company as vital to something in the world, and they want it to be beneficial and invaluable to all it’s stakeholders: clients, community and team members alike. That’s why culture, continuity, and values are pillars in the identity and being of your business. 


What we do for our clients isn’t as unique as how we do it, and why. But believe it or not, we do things! Our services work with one another in continuity to handle large-scale, complex issues while also working individually to solve singular problems or challenges. In our work, what we focus on is the outcome—higher closing ratios, stronger margins, off-the-charts client endorsement and sales leadership that inspires every business developer. From systems built to fractional sales management to salesperson or sales management coaching, all our work is dedicated to the same end result—a transformation of what’s possible in your sales. 


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