The Market Makers Story

Market Makers began in concept for me years ago after several genuine experiences left a deep impact on my understanding of what it really means to be a small business owner.

It began with my first job after college working for my uncle’s electrical contracting firm. I learned the unique rhythm on which small business owners operate, and how delicate every victory and effort can be.

It grew in me as I went through my first sales training program as a radio advertising representative. I had a visceral reaction against the methodology and steps I was being taught. No part of my training mentioned how to be accountable to my clients. Yet I felt the weight of that responsibility very early when my second-ever client, a local restaurant owner in Frederick, Maryland, gave me $500 for an ad campaign – his first ever. As he handed me the check, he held on to it as I took the other end, looked me in the eyes and said, “Bill, this has to work.” Moments like that weren’t part of my sales training.

The lightning strike came in 1997 while I was working with Michael Corbett and his partner Dave Stilli, authors of the seminal “The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising.” They showed me something no radio sales training – in fact, no sales training program of any kind – had ever articulated. A transformational and career-altering truth: I had been trained to sell my company’s inventory, not my clients’.

The seeds of Market Makers were planted then. I abandoned everything I’d been taught in traditional sales training and began having a vastly different conversation on a vastly different level with my clients. As a result, they had better results, and so did I. Over the years I practiced my new method daily in my work with small business owners, and developed a program to teach players on my teams how to work in this philosophy. I incorporated the methods into my seven years as a sales manager and sales trainer. It became a key element to helping raise revenues for my clients during my seven years as the owner/operator of a business coaching practice. And it is at the center of how Market Makers operates, and in what I believe is possible for small businesses.

— Bill Keeler

Bill Keeler has a BA in Business Economics from Randolph-Macon College and an MBA from Averett University. He’s a golfer and a musician who plays locally in a classic rock band called The Remnants.

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