Market Makers

Helping Local Business

Do Better Business

Every small business is unique, but we all have one common need:  Sales.

Welcome to Market Makers.  We founded our business for one simple reason:  help local small businesses earn higher and more consistent Sales Revenues.  The Market Makers’ approach is developed from decades of working with local business owners and sales teams. We take a totally different approach to Small Business Sales Development; abandoning the over-used methods of traditional sales and marketing techniques in exchange for an approach that more deeply impacts buyers…and your company’s revenues.

The result: Inspired customers, choosing easily to buy from your business; and a lasting sales team and system that generates higher closing ratios and higher revenues.

Our method openly challenges other sales coaching or marketing techniques you’ve tried before. If you want different results and higher sales, we invite you to reach out to us to learn more about how to help your small business do better business.

“Our company has been working with Market Makers now for the past 6 years. The thing we have loved most is that they consistently deliver in ways that far (far!) exceed our expectations. Nobody understands the psychology of marketing better than their founder Bill Keeler.

He goes beyond simply trying to sell a product or a service – but rather to crafting campaigns that make true and valuable connections in a market. Anybody can sell, but not many connect. The first messaging that we worked on with Market Makers helped us to grow revenue nearly 70% that year.”

John Cohen, Founder & President
Total Party Planner