Join the Market Makers Team

Be Part of Something Unique

Market Makers wants to help people start a great sales or sales management career.  Our company is the training ground for learning these roles, and gaining the experience to make them your career.  We provide you the training, coaching, materials, guidance, and in-client experience to move your career forward.

Are you:

  • Unable to get a sales job because “you don’t have enough experience?”
  • Unable to move up within your company because no GSM role is available?
  • Bound to your current company because of a non-compete agreement?
  • Unable to grow from business development to sales management in another industry because your experience is primarily in one?

Join our team as a Fractional Sales Representative or Fractional Sales Manager

As a Fractional Sales Representative with Market Makers, you’ll:

  • Learn the skills and habits to be great in business development
  • Be placed in multiple companies in multiple industries
  • Learn how to represent multiple products/services effectively
  • Discover where you’re great and what’s interesting to you
  • Greatly expand your resume for future Sales opportunities
  • Avoid non-compete issues from prior employer


As Fractional Sales Manager with Market Makers, you’ll:

  • Learn how to use and teach our methodology and systems
  • Work directly with Market Makers’ senior management
  • Learn the habits and skills to become a qualified sales manager
  • Manage multiple teams in multiple industries
  • Greatly expand your resume for future sales management opportunities
  • Avoid non-compete issues from prior employer

If moving to a higher level in your sales career interests you, contact Market Makers to talk about what’s possible.