Connect: Fractional Sales People

Provide and Manage New Sales Talent

Not every small business can afford to hire full time sales people.  Market Makers Fractional Sales Representative Program (FSR) is designed for small businesses that can’t afford a full time sales person, but need more sales efforts and results than the owner can accomplish alone.

What makes this program unique?  We manage the entire process on behalf of your business;  from interviewing, to hiring, to training, to managing your part-time salesperson…we place our skilled salesperson in your company to represent your business, and grow your revenues.

FSR Program includes:

  • Placing a skilled sales person within your company to increase your sales volume
    • The FSR is a Market Makers employee
    • Market Makers pays their salary and provides their benefits
  • Sales management of the FSR, including:
    • Weekly One-to-One Projections meetings
    • Goals and Strategy
    • Performance evaluation
    • Client ride-along meetings
    • Initial and on-going sales training


The result: More people working with more clients to increase your top line revenues in a way that is affordable to your small company.

Measure your company's Sales and Marketing strengths in less than 10 minutes.