Attract: A Great Story

Develop Your Story

You and your company have a powerful Story, but it’s probably not the one you’ve been telling. Your company’s real Story is the purpose, promise, and proof of how you’re different from your competitors in a way that is meaningful to your best potential buyers. When it’s the right story told the right way, those critical elements will powerfully attract and connect buyers to your company and inspire them to be your customer… creating more and better client opportunities.

Market Makers will:

  • Develop the individual elements of the narrative with you
  • Write the content of your unique Story for use in all your marketing channels
  • Coach your sales team on how to use The Story to build better sales
  • Teach your leaders to implement these elements into your operations
  • Create an affordable marketing budget
  • Build attainable goals
  • Design and implement the marketing plan to reach goals
  • Evaluate and adjust the plan to reach measurable indicators

The result: Your company time is only spent on the best opportunities – more of the best customers interested in buying from your business.

Measure your company's Sales and Marketing strengths in less than 10 minutes.