Market Makers’ Approach to Sales Development

We believe age-old traditional sales and marketing techniques no longer work because they no longer connect with buyers. Without connection, your potential buyers either choose to become somebody else’s buyers, or award the lowest bidder.

The Market Makers approach illuminates your company to your customers, allowing it to stand out as distinct and valuable to those buyers…connecting with them, and inspiring them to become your customers.

From the first marketing message, to every facet of their sales experience with your team, your buyers’ connection to your business will define your revenues. As such, we live and work within a few key principles.

Principle 1: Nobody buys the product or service from your business, they buy what having that thing does for them… how it makes them feel.

Nobody buys a custom deck or patio. They buy a personal space to share life’s greatest moments… anniversaries, family reunions, or graduations.

Nobody buys senior care services for their parents. They buy peace of mind, and a way to show gratitude and love to their parents.

Nobody buys sales or marketing services. They buy a different future for their company.

At Market Makers, we build Sales Development Systems…from marketing message, to coaching your sales team, to managing and fostering the best sales habits and results…to serve your customers’ greater emotional want.

The result is higher and more consistent sales revenues for your business.

Principle 2: Companies that stand out with a great Story attract the best customers.

The first question we ask clients: What’s the one reason people should buy from you and not your competitors?

In other words, how are you really different in the eyes of buyers…in tangible, provable, and meaningful ways?

And, how does your marketing and Sales Team convey that difference so your buyers understand it’s value?

Here are some common answers we get:

  • We’ve been in business for X years
  • We have X years of combined experience
  • We’re the best at what we do. Nobody does it better
  • We really care about our customers
  • We’ll beat any competitor’s price

These common answers convey no meaningful distinction to your customers. When your company can stand apart from your competitors in highly valuable ways…meaningful distinction…your Story and team can connect with buyers in ways that greatly increase the likelihood of them buying from you…because they are inspired to do so.

Principle 3: There is no such thing as selling…there is only buying.

This principle sits at the heart of the Market Makers methodology. Traditional sales techniques operate on the platform that people…buyers…can be convinced, gotten, and persuaded. Simply put, they can’t be. As such, every step in a salesperson’s technique is accidentally going in the wrong direction.

Often, in spite of that, sales will be earned…just far fewer…at lower prices…after much more work and effort than necessary. We coach a completely different method that creates deeper discovery, greater buyer connectivity, buyer inspiration…and higher sales revenues.

The Market Makers Method

The Market Makers Method is to focus on buyer experience, and we view the disciplines of Marketing and Sales as two halves of a larger whole, rather than viewing them as separate functions. This framework reshapes how we help companies make the two work together for the highest results. Here are the three core elements of our development approach.

Attract: A Great Marketing Story
Connect: Sales Teams That Make a Difference
Inspire: Sales Management That Leads